1988 George Buehler great bear Used Classic Wooden Boat For Sale in charleston


Mast Configuration
Single Mast
Single Mast Type
Two-Mast Type
Hull Configuration
Sail Handing and Equipment Comments
sails in good shape, stay sail self tending.
Spars and Rigging Comments
aluminum mast is 7` taller then original wooden


Type Of Boat
George Buehler
great bear
LOA (feet)
Deck Material
douglas fir
Hull Material
port orford cedar




Engine Make
Engine Model
Engine Year
Fuel Type


Boat Survey
Survey Date
Trailer Make
Trailer Model
Trailer Year
Winter Cover
Dinghy Make
built plywood nesting dingy 11
Cabins (number)
Manual Head
Not Specified
Electric Head
Not Specified
Fire Extinguisher
Color of Canvas
blue + white
Dodger (Forward)
Closure (Vertical)
Bridge Cover
Bimini (after)
Not Specified
Camper Back
Not Specified
Sleeps (Number of People)
Holding Tanks (total number)
Water Tanks

Further Comments

s/v tzegunka is now at a reduced fee of $35,000. + sailing nesting dingy is for sale separately at $750. or accepted best offer for both ` as is. Documentation 911528. a coastal cruiser, 30 ft LOD George Buehler - grizzly bear design sailboat with boomkin bowsprit = 38 ft LOA. Double ender full keel cutter. Nice home + coastal cruiser. Entire boat painted white with oiled wood, that is pine we try to oil each year. blue sail covers with white sails. if i was to keep it i would haul out + paint bottom/inside, sand smooth for cosmetics, finishing around sink + i would add some trim around bed if i was to keep it. Needs a depth sounder, this one partially works + an antenna for an older model gps, that you may want to replace if want to add more bells + whistles. their is also a small hand help gps. as far as other electronics like radar, chart plotters, you may want to choose for your self, for we do not use them. sails are in good shape, main a little stretched but good + 2nd stay sail fairly new, used a few times. mast is aluminum; If want it more traditional you could restore to original wood mast, 7 ft shorter (now reaches nice in light wind being taller) + then would have to get new rigging + sails to fit. aluminum mast being taller is great for light winds + heavier winds you reef. Windows are dull + could be replaced. if want to cherry out boat for your liking, it will be a great boat. the boat is well worth your effort to make it yours. House over entrance could be redone with board similar to hull if wanted to retain tradition. we did with plywood, epoxy + paint. nice for wind + sun. Simple design but choice of wood is nice with traditional shape. wood is from locally grown woods found in central to southern coast of Oregon. built in Coos Bay, Or. launched in 1988. wood includes port orford cedar mostly, Douglas fir, pacific yew, yellow cedar, white oak. topsides decking are cotton caulked. Decking laid Douglas fir old growth with galvanized steel wood screw fastenings. ceiling 1/2 thick yellow cedar fastened down with steel nails. concrete keel encased in case hardened steel with 1 diameter galvanized steel bolts. Tractor tread steel pins inside extended seats, to have more weight for volume. equal 1 1/2 ton of pig iron lead ingots. more weight was added to provide more stability for the aluminum mast which is 7 taller then the original wooden mast. herringbone chime construction. Original owner was a forest worker in Oregon selected each board. built it for 10 years died right before finished 1988. 56 head room in cabin, v birth has nice raised hatch, with wood vents or clear plastic. as well back entry hatch. does not have a head. Aluminum, mfg Le Fiell mast is 7 taller then original wood that broke. boom is solid douglas fir. rigged as a Bermuda Cutter. A. Lam, Hong King dacron 590 working sail plus new stay sail. standing rigging 1 x 19 stainless steel, NaviTec 316 turnbuckles, ss 1/4 x 1 1/2 chain plates. ss back stays, Schaefer deck hardware. 3 Harken 8 halyard winches, 4 bronze Southcoast sheet winches. engine is a westerbeke diesel, model M-40, 4 cylinder, 2 racor filters. aprox 1790 hours. we do 4-5 knts conservatively, but easily can do 7. the last owner pulled 8 logs + replaced original smaller motor. runs great. Only major negative of this boat is the location of the 30 gallon diesel stainless tank, which would be a major job to get it out, if needed. when our fuel lines got clogged we think due to bio-cide breaking up pieces or perhaps Mexican fuel big seas churning the fuel. we resolved by putting a line to cockpit to switch if be in similar condition + unable to easily empty out tank. We do have 2 filters + now can also have option to go directly into a 5 gallon jug of clean fuel in cockpit. which is great back up. we carry external jugs of fuel also. 12 + 19 gallon water tank, simple piping for faucet with foot switch manual pump. Sleep; 40 inch bed to side in v birth, clothes cabinet + large shelf. A nice very large metal vent mushroom can be put on from top deck for v birth. In second only other room as galley, beside chain locker is another single seat for bunk + a small seat, which both have been extended from a normal size bench, to add the tractor tread steel pins as weight for ballast. Making them comfortable, + extra wide. also for passage can lay bunk across both benches for a bunk that would block off v birth. Bunk has opening to chain locker with hydraulics for capstan 175 - 5/16 chain gal, 160 -3/4 polyester line for 33 lb bruce anchor 100 nylon line 50 - 5/16 chain gal for 15 lb danforth. Both anchors stay on deck. wood burning small sardine cast iron stove. 2 ss sink 2 burner force 10 propane stove. weather panels cockpit top which slides, made of top material, white. Hard cover with plastic windows that open, out of plywood/epoxy, need few repairs over back hatch entry way, nice protection. soft solar panels on cabin roof of house over entry hatch with a morning star sunsaver-10 solar controller. 12 volt D.C. system 110 Volt AC. Bilge pumps on auto, which we are not taking any water on. as well we have a huge manual pump Edson diaphragm installed in salon, if needed. danforth constellation compass. si-tex 850 vhf, gps 120 garmin. boat is wired thru out for connecting to dock electricity. we`ve used a little 12 volt cooler. as well the lights on boat, are all run on shore power when in dock or solar when at sea. house + starter battery with a manual switch depending on usage. To live on it here in Charleston marina is very nice. You have to contact the harbor master for his permission/if yearly rates + if so be put on list + ask for updated status to keep boat at this marina + live aboard status. Call Charleston Marina; 541-888-2548 same w/haul out near to live on boat + work, or in yard to work + live aboard. Within 4 miles you can hike/fish of the cliffs, sail the ocean in one of coasts nicer bars, or river clamming, crabbing in bay or on the docks + shipyard near. Bastendorf beach around the corner, small beach great for walking dogs/enjoying the day, at entrance of harbor, estuary for clamming + bay, fishing of docks + close by, small boating in estuary, old growth hiking, commercial fishing fleet, sports + more. Laundromat/campground with cleaning stations for marine life cooking ability with large pots. Photos on sling was at haul out in Port Townsend awhile ago. other photos in water are within last year. It is a strong little ship, does great in big seas with chine, herring bone + cement keel. low + wet boat though, good for coastal cruising. This dingy was built from a take of another, customized for our boat; Aprox; 10`4`by 4`4, floatation built in. 1/4' plywood w/dynell + epoxy, kevlar on bottom, aluminum floating oars. 4 oz dacron sail made by us, douglas fir pole mast, lugger rig. This nesting dingy was built to fit over our front raised hatch. It stacks within itself. recently painted accept centerboard. dingy needs center board painted with bottom paint best before put in water. storage cover is needed to be replaced. sail is in great shape, used a few times. Depending on usage + your weight, you may need to support it + if for off shore use?? We offer this dingy to be purchased separately for $750. (as is). But if we do not sell it separately it will go with boat for accepted best offer for both. If sell it, boat fee will be $35k considering we just reduced fee. See photos. Please call for viewing + lv detail message + we will get back to you; 360-450-3749 Thank you, kara
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